What is the game about?:

The world has collapsed, the last war has destroyed everything, clouds and mists of radioactive dust are spreading all over the planet. The survivors have migrated to space on ark space bases where they have everything to live calmly while they arrive on Mars where a Terraforming program is being carried out. You are part of the last remaining survivors to leave the planet before the final collapse and you have notice that there is a space shuttle with an abandoned rocket that only needs two fundamental pieces to take off. However, the city where your hiding place is in the way of a lethal radioactive fog and is also plagued by mutants, you must leave there to walk the path that will take you to the outskirts where the rocket that will get you safe is located . Unfortunately the rocket is very small and only fit 4 people. So you must decide who will be part of your escape team.

In the game there are two teams, of 4 players each, each team must gather the two missing pieces and reach the rocket to activate it, only one team can escape. You have 30 minutes before the radioactive fog arrives that will destroy everything in its path.

Along the way you’ll find weapons and unconventional ammunition, food to recover your health, energizing potions such as wine, tequila, brandy, rum… that will give you more strength to fight the enemy team and the mutants that lurk in every corner.

You can will earn money through different social media blockhain and much more!

Escape Team Game is an innovative MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game because it wants to introduce to different descentralized blockchain platforms three technologies that seek to boost the traffic of the blogs of the users. These three technologies are:

  1. Replay System.
  2. Photo Mode
  3. Comic Mode

Replay System developed by Unreal Engine 4 and combines it with the PhotoMode system adapted to the creation of comics to enhance the production of quality graphic content for blogging gamified adventures, making the community integrate with more strength by sharing virtual experiences within the game, thus increasing in this way the interest for the post of the users, since these are shared experiences. The limit of what the user can do with Escape Team Game will depend on their imagination.

Who doesn’t like to have fun while monetizing their content? In this way Escape Team Game will become a very good alternative that will boost productivity within the social media blockchain environment.

Escape Team Game will be a decentralized game that will give its players the assets of the game through a system of tokenization ensuring that these objects are their property and that they can do with them what they want, including selling them within the marketplace of Escape Team Game to other players.

But our game, which we wanted to call, Escape Team Game, due to the characteristics of the background story, does not stop there, we also want to take a reflective message to the ecological emergency that we live in every corner of our planet today through of art that to have whitin game.