Escape Team Game Project present: “Apple Catcher” on Whaleshares (Enjoy and Earn with us)

We are proud to present to the entire Whaleshares and Steemit community “Apple Catcher”, a microgame with which you can win juicy prizes,thanks to the support of the BBCas and ProjectMilkBox projects. Friday, December 21 th, 2018. 00:00 UTC the competition begins!

“Apple Catcher” is totally free you just have to go to this link on our website and download it. There are versions for win 64 bit and win 32 bit.

“Apple Catcher” is the first microgame that we hope to bring to Whaleshares for creating our community around the MOBA we are developing: Escape Team Game, is a big project in which we need monetary help because its development involves $ 62,000, now we are doing a crowdfunding within

Our Microgames and Escape Team Game revolve around themes that involve the environmental problems that we live today on our planet and the technological conflicts involved due to our irresponsibility.

In “Apple Catcher” you will have 3 minutes to collect apples and you can start over as many times as you want in order to overcome your challenge and enter to compete for our prizes.

Awards (Only with acounts on Whaleshares):

We have 100 Milk for the gamer who picks the most apples between December 21 and December 28, 2018. All the rankings will be registered on our website in order to ensure transparency of competition.

We have another 100 Milk for the gamer who makes the best post describing their experience within the game taking into account the pollution environment within “Apple Catcher”.

“If you are good at playing and writing, you could take both prizes”.

This is the first competition with “Apple Catcher”, on 29 December- 2018 we will publish a post with the winner of the first contest and we will start another new competition.

Go our account on Whaleshares if you want enjoy and earn with Apple Catcher! 🙂

How to play Apple Catcher?

If you want to know how to play “Apple Catcher” visit the blog of @yosuandoni on Whaleshares our game tester.

More Awards!

We invite you to our discord, be attentive because within our discord we will do sporadic competitions where we will give more prizes.

Discord Project Escape Team Game

If you want to contribute to the Escape Team Game project you can make donations at this address on bitshares.

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