The earth has been devastated by human overpopulation and its mismanagement of natural resources, after several chemical and bacteriological wars a large part of the human population fled to the planet Mars where they started a huge terraforming project. The Earth’s surface is now full of mutants, however there are still some humans that must survive to escape.

Escape Team Game is an action role-playing game (ARPG) and strategy (RTS), where players can choose between three roles: Human Earth 1 (earthlings), Human Earth 2 (Terrans) and Mutants.

The players who choose Earth 1 (Earthlings) are the humans who were abandoned in the middle of the chaos. They need to build their own ships to be safe from the apocalypse and be able to reach Mars, however, will they also seek revenge?

Players who choose Earth 2 (Terrans) came from a parallel dimension where their planet Earth (Terraria) is much older and is dying because their Sun is already expanding and the planet is about to explode due to the increased pressure of its core. The Terrans want to exterminate the mutants that have established settlements and all humans of this dimension.

The players who choose the Mutants, they have been coupled to the polluted conditions of Earth 1 and in the ancient destroyed cities have built settlements in the toxic environment that strengthens them and want to be the species that reigns on the planet Earth.

The Mutants, the Terrans and the Humans at the beginning of the game must complete the missions of capture and breeding of wild mutants. To capture the mutants, they must place a neuronal chip that allows mutant animals to be more docile and that some mutant humans regain their human consciousness. The captured wild mutants will help them in battles and achieve mission objectives.

Escape Team Game in the EOS Blockchain

Players can buy, sell and exchange items within the game, such as weapons, armor, traps and chips, and also earn money playing.

The transactions of the elements of the game and the chips will be made through the Blockchain of EOS with tokens NFT (non-fungible token) to grant the player the exclusive property of each element. In addition, the player must create farms for the reproduction of captured mutants where he can earn Fungible Tokens from the game and exchange them via Tipit in Discord.

The chip that allows mutants to heal must be purchased and 100% of the cost of these awareness chips will be donated to social or ecological aid projects in the real world.

The game is being designed completely in 3D, but then it will go to 2D through different techniques that simulate 3D with an isometric perspective, so that the game is much lighter. The 3D designs will be used to make game cinematics.

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